The Ending…

How do you guys feel about this season being the last? I am really sad but excited to see what happens, i am also really happy that Blair and Chuck are trying to be together! So in the end if they are together i am happy!


Double Posting

Sorry i am starting to post more things and it is double posting them so i will try to fix it but i hope you guys don’t mind. 




Sorry guys! I haven’t but up a post in forever! To be honest with you guys i need to catch up on the show, because i don’t have cable or anything. I watch it online, so ever since they took a break i have so busy, i just need to find time to sit down and watch it. I hope you guys understand! Thanks so much!

                                                                    -xoxo ❤

Oh How We Love Blair…



I don’t know about you but i absolutly love Blair. All her little comments and come backs, they are the best!



Ugh I Can’t Get Over These Two!


So… Here are a few hundred pictures of Chuck and Blair! haha And if you are anything like me you are dying right now! 🙂